All deliveries in Canada are made either by Canada Post, Purolator or UPS and offer a maximum of $100 of insurance in the event of loss or damage. Depending on the service chosen, you will receive a tracking number by email and/or SMS allowing you to trace your package. Note that during winter, no shipments are made on Fridays, in order to avoid freezing of liquids in carrier warehouses during weekends.

Shipping time vs delivery time

The delivery time begins at the time of validation of your order and corresponds to a duration of processing and preparation of your products. Shipping time varies from 3 to 24 business hours, depending on whether we have your products in stock or not. Items (100% in stock) are shipped the same business day for any order placed before 12:00 EST. Note that this delay could be several days if you choose "Reduced rate (3 to 14 working days)".

The delivery time short from the delivery of your package to the service provider in charge of delivery. It corresponds to the time required for the delivery person to send your package to the delivery address indicated when placing your order. Please note that delivery companies carry out daily pickups before noon only.

In summary :  [shipping time + carrier delivery time] = your estimated delivery date.

Warning :
Please note that delivery companies do not guarantee delivery times. The days indicated in the choices are estimates only.

Delivery costs (province of Quebec)*

Residents of Quebec will have the choice between different service choices, each with specific delivery speed times (not guaranteed). In addition, fixed delivery fee options of $7.50 (net purchase of more than $100 before taxes), $6.00 (net purchase of more than $150 before taxes) and free delivery (net purchase of more than $250 before taxes) are offered to you. all with a delivery time of 3 to 14 working days and via the carrier of our choice.

*Remote areas and P.O. box excluded. Read below.

Delivery costs Canada (outside Quebec)

Delivery costs throughout Canada (excluding Quebec) are calculated based on the volumetric weight of the order, your location and your choice of service and normally take 3 to 14 business days. Note that the prices displayed are calculated directly by the carriers and not by the Vitacru Clinic. Please note that during winter, we only offer fast shipping services on our shipments in order to avoid any freezing of products.

Delivery to an attached and/or semi-detached apartment or house

Vitacru reserves the right to change the delivery method chosen by the customer in the case of delivery made to a home which is not a detached private house. In this case and if we deem it necessary, delivery by Canada Post with signature could be chosen as a replacement in order to ensure the correct delivery of the package and avoid any unnecessary delay.

Remote areas

Unfortunately we must exclude certain areas or postal codes from our shipping service at a reduced rate or even free for certain Quebec postal codes located in remote regions. If your delivery address is in one of these areas, region or zip code, please be sure to choose a delivery method other than our "Free Shipping" and/or "Discounted Rate" otherwise we will have to cancel and refund your order. Here are the regions and/or postal codes impacted by this rule:

  • G0G
  • G0W
  • G0X
  • G4T
  • J0M
  • J0W

Carrier strike

You will always have the choice of your carrier, regardless of your level of purchase. To avoid any delivery delays, we recommend that you choose a carrier that is not on strike or threatened to be. We will always respect your choice of carrier. Note that all carriers no longer guarantee any delivery time when another carrier declares a strike.

Period of high traffic and/or crisis (holidays, ice, viruses, etc.)

Please note that neither we nor the carriers can guarantee delivery times during periods of high volume of packages and/or crises. For example, from November 20 to December 31 each year, no carrier can meet its delivery deadlines. A delay that normally takes 2 or 3 days can take 5 times longer, or more than 15 working days in this period. Thank you for your understanding.

Validity of your delivery address

 We deliver to the address that you indicate when placing your order. You are therefore responsible for ensure its validity.

 If it ever turns out that either an error, a refusal of receipt on the part of the tenant or a lack of information (ie: suite number, company name, etc.) exists in the address you have indicated and Canada Post cannot deliver to the latter or the package was delivered but as information was missing, the package could not be assigned to you by reception, then Canada Post will proceed (if where applicable) upon return of the package in question to our distribution center and we will collect the return postage costs (equivalent to those we initially paid).

 From then on, we will simply refund your entire order minus 2x the delivery costs that we paid (not to be confused with your delivery costs paid), thus canceling your order. If you ever wish to recommend this same command subsequently, we advise you to correct and validate the address and/or make sure that the people living with you at this address accept delivery beforehand in order to avoid the same problems a second time.

Note that if Canada Post actually delivered your package but it could not be given to you by the company's reception (or elsewhere) due to the fact that information was missing allowing the package to be sent to you , note that we cannot be held responsible for this state of affairs and that you will have to take steps to collect your package with the department/reception of the company that received your package on your behalf.

Non-signature in case of absence


Please note that if you have opted for the clause of non-signature in case of absence and a carrier leaves your package in the lobby or in front of your door and your package disappears before your arrival, it will be your responsibility to contact your insurance company in order to place a reimbursement request if this is your desire. Vitacru inc. disclaims all liability in these cases. If you do not want any risk, be sure to add the “signature required” option to your order. By placing an order on our online store (manually or by telephone), you acknowledge that you fully agree with this policy and agree to comply with it.

Packages damaged or lost during transport

Please note that the insured amount on all of our deliveries is a maximum of $100 CAD. If you ever consider that this coverage was insufficient for you, be sure to ask us by telephone or email before finalizing your purchase if it would be possible to increase this coverage for your order if this were your desire and in order to protect your package in the event of loss or breakage. Please note that additional charges will apply. 


Transport companies assume no responsibility for damage to any shipment containing fragile items. Fragile items include, but are not limited to, glass or items that must be refrigerated or kept at a controlled temperature during transport. So if you order a product that contains liquid and is in a glass bottle, know that if this item – despite the quality of our packaging to avoid any breakage – is received at your home damaged, unfortunately we will not be able to compensate you in any way.

Certain products from the company Physica Energetics are equipped with a pressure pump without a non-return valve (Solray-D, L-Methyl B12). However, it is possible that during the delivery of these items that an overflow may occur. This is why these dyes come in a plastic bag. Although rather rare, please note that this in no way affects the quality of the product. There is no way we can prevent something like this from happening. We also experience the same reality when we receive them from the manufacturer. Thank you for your understanding.


A request for compensation relating to loss or damage (other than a glass bottle, see exclusions below) must be submitted by email or telephone (514-351-3636 extension #3) within fifteen (15) calendar days following the date of dispatch of domestic shipments (Canada).


  1. Contact us by email or telephone (514-351-3636 extension #3) to notify us of this situation. Be sure to let us know without delay and within a maximum of fifteen (15) calendar days following the shipping date, otherwise we will not be able to help you.


  1. Applicable only if you have added the "signature required for receipt" option, you must first wait for standard delivery times to be exceeded depending on the method chosen for your package.
  2. Normally, the carrier requires 21 business days from the time we open a service ticket (only the sender can open such a ticket) to find your package. Otherwise, the carrier will then issue a check to the sender and we will then reimburse the card used for the initial purchase.


  1. Ensure that the content that is damaged is not an item excluded from possible claims (see section on this subject above). Otherwise, thenIt may take up to 21 business days for the carrier to open a service ticket (only the shipper can open such a ticket).
  2. You make sure to take photos and keep both the box and the products inside in case of more specific analysis required by the carrier, until the conclusion of your investigation by the carrier.
  3. During this period, the carrier will require that you send them photos of the products and the package so that they can see the quality of the packaging and the extent of the damage. He might even ask you to complete a short survey before he makes his decision.

    In the event that the carrier accepts the request for compensation, then we will reimburse the card used for the initial purchase. Otherwise, we will unfortunately not be able to compensate you.

International delivery

Unfortunately we cannot deliver outside of Canada at this time. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.