Do I have to create an account to buy your products?

No. You can buy our natural health products without having to create an account. However, in order to see the price of specific items, the suppliers of these natural health products requires that our customers must create an account in order to see and/or purchase their products.

Note that having an account on our online store grants you, among other things, these advantages:

▪ Access to the history of your orders.

▪ Management of your delivery address.

▪ Follow-up of your previous orders.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at the moment 😞. Despite the fact that we would be very happy to be able to offer our products to everyone and everyone regardless of their country of residence, we can no longer deliver outside Canada at the moment.

Indeed, it appears that a tightening of international customs complicates this process.

We will remain on the lookout for any changes and openness allowing international shipping of our organic health products again.

Can i order by phone?

Certainly. We will be happy to take your order by phone if you never prefer this. Simply contact us at (514) 351-3636 # 3 to do so. Looking forward to serving you 😊

Can I get your products in person?

Yes most certainly. You will find all our products at our clinic in Laval. Visit to find out the opening hours and contact details for the Vitacru clinic in Laval.

How can i modify my order?

Only if the latter is not yet processed by our shipping service, you can contact us by phone at (514) 351-3636 # 3 to inform us of the changes to be made to your order. Once your order has been changed, we will send you an invoice to pay online to cover the cost difference if applicable. Once your payment is confirmed, we will then process your new modified order.

It says that my order has been delivered but I have not received anything

Canada Post no longer delivers packages directly to your home. These latter will rather access your mailbox/community.

Check your compartment. You will find your parcel or a key there.
from one of the parcel compartments of the community mailbox.

If you found a key, use it to open the compartment at
parcel corresponding to the one indicated on the label of the key which you
been provided in order to collect your package. Lock the parcel compartment and place the key in the slot for
outgoing mail from the community mailbox.

Canada Post will deliver large packages directly to your home if they are
do not fit in the parcel compartment or if a signature is
required at the time of delivery.

If you have found a key, use it to open the parcel compartment corresponding to the one indicated on the key label provided to you. Pick up your package.

Lock the parcel compartment and place the key in the outgoing mail slot of the community mailbox.