Diabetes and hypoglycemia are effects resulting from poor diet and poor digestion. I should rather say bad lifestyle habits. Food is not the only cause and it is part of a good lifestyle.

To simplify let's say that diabetes is that I have too much blood sugar. So because of this difficulty in burning glucose, I begin to feel a state of fatigue, a feeling of exhaustion. Little by little I am full of physical symptoms that make me believe that I need sugar regularly in my body.

If I ate too much glucose, some went to the cells and the other went to the liver to be transformed into glycogen and into my muscles for future use. But if I have a congested liver this one will say to body: "Hey" you know my friend. the glucose that you bring to me. well, i can't convert it to glycogen. Sugar, I have so far!
Unable to go elsewhere the sugar will stay in my blood.

The pancreas then produces more insulin which will circulate in the blood and bring the sugar into my cells. I therefore force my cells to absorb sugar to prevent my sugar from remaining in my blood.

You should know that at the base the body is perfect. He never makes a mistake. So if the pancreas produces more insulin it is to respond to a liver that is not working well and an inability of the body and the liver to store sugar. The body does what it takes to protect us and keep us alive and fit.

If I have too much sugar in my blood or my urine, it is because I consume too much and not because of the fruits, It is because of the carbohydrates which are in the foods that I eat (flour products, dairy products, especially red meat, all dishes or processed foods, etc.) that contain sugars.

In addition, it should be noted that if a person is diabetic or hypoglycemic she can do a fruit cure. This person has difficulty assimilating sugar from cookies, pasta. but not the one from fruits and vegetables.

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