Astragalus: its benefits

Astragalus: its benefits

Astragalus occupies a prime position as a superior tonic and has been suggested for hundreds of years to treat a wide range of diseases, prevent the weakening of the sick and protect them from infection.
It was a Russian doctor, Dr. Alexander van Bunge who, in 1868, was the first to describe and study this root, but it was not until the 1970s that extensive scientific studies confirmed its multiple properties. .


Astragalus increases the number of stem cells in bone marrow and lymphatic tissue and promotes their development into immune cells active. It reactivates immune cells at rest, produces immunoglobulins, stimulates macrophages and promotes the regeneration of T lymphocytes and the activation of natural killer cells. It is a great deep immune tonic and very useful in recurrent infections, chronic bronchitis, asthma problems, etc. This plant supports the body in its search for balance. It increases resistance to viral infections and regulates overactive immunity where there are allergies and autoimmune diseases. In addition, regular use of the talus root would help prevent kidney and liver damage from medication and viruses.

Astragalus is also frequently used in Chinese medicine to help the body protect itself from a variety of stresses, be they physical, mental or emotional. Its “anti-stress” properties promote not only the repair of damage caused by stress but also the prevention of it. It can also reduce the ability of stress hormones secreted by the adrenals, such as cortisol, to bind to receptors. In addition, according to some studies, astragalus also has the ability to reduce inflammation and protect the liver.

RECIPE, a decoction

One way to take advantage of the properties of Astragalus is to simmer 6 to 15 grams of the root in ½ liter of water, covered, for 10 to 15 minutes. This decoction can be consumed at the rate of 3 cups per day or added to a soup as a basic broth.

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