Castor oil

Castor oil

Castor oil, called "castor oil" in English, is a very unique vegetable oil that deserves to be the first. It is used externally, in massage or as a poultice for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving action and especially to de congest the lymphatic system.

We recommend it for the following situations:

  • As a poultice on the stomach and liver region to help decongest the lymph, stimulate the immune system and improve the flow of bile.
  • To relieve muscle pain and inflammation.
  • For heavy legs and swollen ankles, as it activates the lymphatic circulation and helps unclog the tissues.
  • For cuts and scrapes, it allows to stop the bleeding quickly and calms the pain.
  • To relieve all skin problems, applied to dry skin, chapped skin, burns, psoriasis, exema and sunburn.
  • For improve the condition of cellulite, a daily massage of castor oil stimulates the system lymphatic and decongests the region.

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